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Une belle chambre simple avec salle de bain, toilette, WIFI gratuite

Nos chambres simples économiques ont une jolie vue sur les montagnes.

Salle de bain

WIFI gratuit

Vue sur les montagnes

Excellent Rapport Qualité-prix

Emplacement privilégié

Petit déjeuner inclus

Parking gratuit en fonction de la disponibilité

Jacuzzi extérieur gratuit

  • David Callaghan Avatar
    David Callaghan
    5/06/2019 - Facebook

    great views and a lovely garden. meals a very nice and its close to transport

    Henry Lay Avatar
    Henry Lay
    5/20/2017 - Facebook

    Very nice hotel even if its floor is creeky, love it

  • Nabil Majoul Avatar
    Nabil Majoul
    11/16/2019 - Facebook

    Lovely cosy little place.
    I was only looking for a reasonably priced place to spend the night and what a nice...
    read more

    Natalie Bowen Avatar
    Natalie Bowen
    6/28/2017 - Facebook

    The rasti is a must order, we would stay at the hotel again just for the restaurant!

  • Mike Eloff Avatar
    Mike Eloff
    4/12/2017 - Facebook

    Thanks a lot for the great couple of days spent at your hotel! We LOVED it!!

    Kathy Jackson Avatar
    Kathy Jackson
    7/05/2019 - Facebook

    The gardens were lovely. The breakfast was fresh and tasty. It was really peaceful & quiet even w/ the windows... read more

  • Sarah Whatley Avatar
    Sarah Whatley
    9/01/2018 - Facebook

    Beautiful location with lovely garden and really delicious dinner. Would really recommend the lemon chicken with seasonal vegetables!

    Beverley Jane Hurlock Avatar
    Beverley Jane Hurlock
    5/01/2020 - Facebook

    Beautiful garden, very friendly and welcoming.


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